CCTV Systems

Keeping your home safe

Your home, your garage, your annex, your garden, your driveway, your cars... They all belong to you. Protecting what is yours is easier than ever, with a professionally installed, easy-to-use CCTV system from us.

We can install CCTV cameras to protect any part of your property, inside or outside, and CCTV cameras can be discreet or obvious depending on your requirements and will deter potential criminals and capture crime on your property which can then be used as evidence against them.

Protect your property with a professional CCTV security system

We provide a complete CCTV surveillance system service, including consultation, installation and CCTV maintenance. We will give you informed advice based on your security needs and work with you to ensure that your CCTV system is implemented swiftly and successfully.

CCTV Technology

Lincs security offer an extensive range of surveillance equipment featuring the latest technology and security innovations.

Security solutions


We provide a full selection of CCTV cameras, digital recording equipment, monitors and all other essential accessories to ensure effective surveillance. Whether you are looking to install an extensive Business CCTV system or smaller Domestic CCTV systems, we can help. We design and install commercial, industrial and home CCTV Surveillance Systems across Lincolnshire.

All our CCTV cameras feature Night Vision Infra-Red systems built in. A simple but very effective addition to a CCTV camera - Infra-Red night vision allows you to record video footage up to 100 meters away from the camera in pitch-black. For example; in the dark of night, your driveway CCTV can still display a clear image of your vehicles without the need for any additional lighting.

A CCTV system protecting your property is the ideal solution for detering and capturing potentional criminals as well as:

  • • Monitoring property entrances (front door CCTV, back door CCTV, gated driveway etc.)
  • • CCTV surveillance for exposed areas of your property
  • • Driveway and car CCTV
  • • Garden & garden fence monitoring
  • • Garage door CCTV